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Thread: Case stuck in die?

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    Case stuck in die?

    Right then it's a first for me that I have had a 22-250 case which won't budge so anyone have any heads up before I set to work on this??


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    Youtube - "stuck case removal" should provide some ideas.

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    You need an RCBS Stuck Case Removal Kit.

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    If you are happy to drill and tap the case I will lend you the kit ( home made of course ), whatever you do make sure that the case head is intact.

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    Easy!,..... make your own, watch this!,d.d2k&cad=rja
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    if not post it tome and ill remove it for you FOC
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    mark you must be one of the niceist blokes on the planet,all i did good or bad was warm the die up drown it in wd40, remove the top of the die and put a pozzy through and give it a good tap it came straight out.

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    use lube next time or clean'n' polish your die and button that will help

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    you need to Lubricate all tight fittings
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