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Thread: Bad sales attitude !

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    Bad sales attitude !

    Hi all just been to purchase a new rifle from Humberside Shooting Ground , E.Yorks handled the rifle and although a bit dusty thought yes I will own this . Any how thought I would try a haggle and asked for his best price in which he replied £540 I then told him it was £500 on gun trader ? So he agreed that was it , I then asked regards a used wildcat mod he had for sale also . His reply £160 ! I declined the mod and asked regards he could offer a box of ammo to which his reply was I WOULDN'T GIVE YOU PEN !! I actually paused thought about it and replied you no what I would of bought that rifle but you can now have it back for your hole abrupt attitude pal ! And walked out ! A few manners spring to mind and would sooner cut my losses and buy else were ! So if you read this Paul T ? Educate your sales tactics and manners you pxxxk because I wouldn't give you time of day !!

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    Good for you!!

    Hope you find what you want!



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    Far too many RFD's get away with being ignorant and rude because of a limited market

    ​walk away!

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    He must have been mental to treat a potential customer like that!

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    On the reverse side of this. If you find people to deal with that are sound and knowledgable stick with them and support them. There are very few locally to me but I get by via mail order etc and know who to use and who not to.
    There are far to many Arses in the gun trade so those who aren't seem to stay busy
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    He was​ an out and out Cxxk !

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    I walked in to a local garage and attracted a salesmans attention and enquired about a car on display. The first thing he said was "do you realised it is the only one within 100miles of here" to which i replied "well if its that f'ing rare you won't be wanting to sell it then and left... He was in shock!!

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    I would of done the same, well done and im sure you will get a better deal elsewhere.

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    "Manners maketh the RFD" my mother used to say to me.

    Best one i know is Richard Whiteley darn sarf here. A finer gentleman you couldn't meet i reckon. Many of you will have met him without knowing if you've ever been in the Swarovski tent at the game fairs.

    I've found some of the blokes in Fultons at Bisley hard work in the past as well.
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    The best near me are Ryan & Tony at Emmett & Stone in Marlow... I used to go to Beesley's but the attitude stank - no wonder that the business is up for sale for a song. Such a waste of a great site/location and old English Gun name. Ruined by pure laziness
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