Right then here goes I have a R700 in 243 ackley maybe intrested in a swap for a Simular set up in a smaller calibre such as a 223, 20 tac, 20 prac 204 .17 rem etc... Doesn't have to be on a Rem action just of Simular specs. I'm just not using this anymore and I'v got a bit of a thing for the smaller calibres at the moment so I would like to swap it rather than sell it, it's done approx 400-500 rounds not hot rounds either and still shoots very well specs are as follows

Blue printed R700 action bead blasted
Oversized bolt (Badger style) put on by Dave Wylde also fluted in his barley style twist
PTG pin upgrade with gold shroud
Oversized recoil lug
Pacnor 1-8 twist finished @ 23" 11deg crown threaded 14x1 for sound mod
RB trigger (very nice)
Macmillan A3 stock not quite sure on coulor but I think it's black green brown fully pillar bedded
standard rem floor plate in black which feeds very well.
Stainless action screws
Redding deluxe die set which consists of fl sizer, neck sizing die, micro comp ajustible seating die I also have a body die which will be inincluded fair bit of Norma brass some once fired formed and some still waiting to be formed.

Please pm me if you have anything you think I might be intrested in