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Thread: cull weekend

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    cull weekend

    Hi there all. Well I went down to 7mm wsm cull week end, and what a great weekend we had good food great crack and the stalking was pretty good too. All the lads down there were great and a right laugh.
    The first stalk i saw over a dozen deer mostly does (sods law), but i did manage a fallow buck and a muntjac. All the lads down there saw deer some in heards of 20 to 50 that stalk we took 6 deer in total.
    The next day the wind caused us problems so the deer were very nervise but we still saw them and two still got shot, one was a nice muntjac.
    on the last morning the wind dropped and it was perfect, I managed a nice munty myself and the guy's got another 5. What a week end I just cant wait till the next time.....

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    Sounds like a great weekend was it free if they were all cull animal and was it real stalking or was it driven deer.

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    cull weekend

    no it was a pay weekend but it went to the costs of running the club and worth every penny.
    It was in high seats dusk and dawn. great fun

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    Can any go on this weekend as i still don't have a fallow or a muntie under my belt and if it part of a well managed plan i would be well up for a go.

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    Wasn't it offered here some time ago and started a debate and someone ( 7mm wsm ) got banned?

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    The debate was..

    Cull weekend offered with opportunity to possibly take trophy if it presented itself...

    When asked prices for possible trophy should it present itself he was unwilling to give answers to interested parties and stated prices would be given on the day ...

    Big drama over simplest of questions from interested parties.. 7mm banned after much asumption and bad mouthing of people he had never met..

    Glad you had a great time bunnydan... If you feel you had value for money thats all that counts mate...


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    cull weekend

    thanks phesant sniper. its a shame it blew up. but 7mm.wsm is a sound bloke and all the extra costs were aggreed befor we started. most animals shot were cull beasts but a few trophys presented them selfs and people were temted but only two were shot one by my self (a nice munty).
    i would recomend it to any one on here.

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    Sounds like a good deal.

    What was the total cost for the 3 days Including food without trophies.

    And then what did the Trophies cost?

    Lastly any more planned?

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    cull weekend

    Hi Dan
    Hope you 2 are well,chris"s munty was a beauty,I had a great time even though old golden balls steve seemed to take deer out of a high seat I had been in 9 hours previously and seen does only,Andrew the snake man,send me a pm,if you read this thread,great company,great food,great time, way ey man!! regards Tony..

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    Hi all, I have been reading posts on here for some time now but with being a member on other forums never bothered to register, until now that is.

    I went on this cull weekend and can honestly say that it was well organised and had plenty of deer on the ground.

    Cost wise it was £350 for 2 evening and 2 morning high seat sessions, add to that accommodation all meals (3 course dinners) and lodgings. Oh and beer, wine and spirits to boot. (And a free range to zero when ever you liked)

    Before I booked the trip with 7mm wsm I asked about costs of trophy animals and was told all would be explained on the day - which it was. I think the problem with listing all the trophy prices was that it would have been quite a list as when we arrived we were told the prices and shown the actual sizes of head/antlers by using the heads mounted in the hunting lodge as examples. Now this didn't really bother me as I was there to shoot cull animals as thatís what it was a cull weekend.

    I also asked if my 14 year old son could attend as it was high seat shooting and he did, the extra cost - nothing - yes Nothing. They fed and watered him for free.

    I also had the pleasure of meeting a few lads off here, Danny, Chris and Tony - real pleasure lads.

    I was lucky as I seemed to be in the right seat at the right time. On the second day I took 2 fallow cull bucks in one go, then on the evening I managed 3 Munties.

    The last morning I was also blessed with another Munty.

    Pheasant Sniper - I read some of your posts on the original advert thread on here and you seemed to want to cause trouble from the off. I understand that as you were just after trophies and as this was a cull weekend you were refused a place. Even when asked politely to leave it alone you continued throwing accusations about.

    From then on it seemed as though you were the one being aggressive and bad mouthing. It is a shame as I feel that because of your actions a lot of members of this forum will now miss out on what is a very good and cheap stalking/cull experience.

    I am not looking for arguments but I am looking for good value stalking run by honest people which is what I found on this trip.

    If anyone is interested in any future trips 7mm wsm can be found on the BBS airgun forum.


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