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Thread: starting with a dog

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    starting with a dog

    Hi i was just wondering. I have a weimaraner pup about 4 month old when would you start training and what training do you start with?

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    Start as soon as possible, basic obedience and you can have short blood trails but make it fun!

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    Bunny (after writing that i have an image which is sooo wrong)

    Start straight away. Keep tracking and basic obedience separate ie donít do at the same time. eg If the dog sits to have his collar put on prior to track all well and good but if he doesnít donít get into a fight with him just prior to a track just put it on. No compulsion on track just good things and remember whatever you think your can do will be far less than he can. He is born with more than enough nose for the job but length etc depends on his concentration level and commitment. Start right and donít push him beyond his capabilities while he is learning. It takes years and a lot of experience to make a competent tracking dog so take it easy and enjoy working him. If you want any help with starting him off right give me a shout my number is on the website at paint and pins
    regds Mark

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    dog training

    Thanks very much. I have another two weimaraners wich i work. in the line and picking up. but this bitch i want to steady down straight away and ive been told to train them on deer first. Im already doing basic training sit stay come to the whistle but trying to keep it fun at the mo. i'll try her on some blood . Would you use a treat at the end of the trail ie a pice of venison?

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    Yes, a deer leg or head makes a great treat!

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    put what ever the dog likes at the end no matter how daft, every thing from toys to food will work but what you have to do is make the end seem like all the dogs xmas's/birthdays have come at once this is where you help with motivation. Use a thawed skin if you have one and this will give you the ability to fire up the prey drive and create association but the most important thing is that the dog has to want to get to the end and this will only happen with conviction if it finds something that motivates it and this is not always what we would think. This reward can always be modified for the real thing.
    The basics of tracking rely on this learns that when dad says that there is something there to follow then there is.
    2. if dog then follows what dad has shown him then he gets to the reward.
    it really is all there is to it in simple terms.

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    Try this before you start tracking training. Lay out a 50 mtr trail on a grass field use blood and a deer hoof. leave deer hoof at the end of the trail. Good idea to mark the trail with sticks so you can see where it go's. The white plastic electric fence post are good for marking. Now wait a couple of hours. Put the dog on his normal lead walk the dog as though you were out for a walk go so that you cross the trail about in the middle and watch the dogs reaction as it picks up the trail. let the dog sniff about but say nothing to the dog. If the dog starts tracking the wrong way just hold the lead till the dog tracks in the right direction. When the dog reachs the hoof thats the time to praise the dog.
    Any type of blood will do to lay a trail, deer, boar, cow It do's not matter what type of deer hoof you drag don't matter either.
    The secret with tracking is not to get the dog worked up before you track and to get the dog to cocentrate keeping its nose on the ground and not air scent.
    Its a good idea to start training tracking before you do any hunting work.

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    About 8 weeks is the best time to start, my bavarian found her first deer at 7mths, use blood trail and put food along the way. Good luck mate.

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    Starting with a dog

    if you are also going to use the pup for pointing and picking up try and impress an association with the different uses. My two know the difference between a shotgun/beating and a rifle/deer work, this is because I always train for deer in the trousers that I use when stalking and the breeks I use for beating and picking up.(Possible shades of the Barbara Woodhouse syndrom).train with collar/harness on for deer, collar/harness off for feather.sounds a bit daft but it works for me.
    may help


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