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Thread: Pietas Venatores update

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    Pietas Venatores update


    Just an update on all things PV related, work I am doing and the competition I have running. I will be on top of all work shortly, but my wife has just delivered our first born little daughter; which has sent my life into a bit of a spin. So I greatly apologise for any work associated delays you may be experiencing just now

    Also, my new residence is undergoing some security work to get RFD set up and allow my full range of restoration work and rust bluing services to be up and this space, but my goal (depending on my blacksmith) is end of August.

    Kindest regards,

    Peter K Larsen
    MD - Pietas Venatores
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    Congratulations to you and your wife, and good luck with the new work developments!

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    Many congrats!
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    Congratulations to you both Peter. Are you intending to set up in competition with George Whiteford, hope so as I could do with a good gunsmith/RFD on my doorstep !

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    Congratulations Peter, I am still confused over that child's nationality

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