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    Anyone used a remington seven .243 ?

    looking for a new rifle and upto now seen ruger 77 mk11 stuzen.

    but like the look of the remington seven

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    Not sure about the Remy 77 but can say have got a Tikka T3 in .243 and can't fault it.

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    Had a Model Seven in .223 floated the barrel and had trigger job .went and sold it for a Tikka 22.250 big mistake,Tikka was no more accurate and burnt more powder,Remy was a short fast rifle i will get another ?
    PS to much wood on stutzen which may cause problems in damp or wet weather

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    I have got one of them rugers, It is ok, a nice little rifle. but the 3 position safety is not very quiet and quite stiff (imo)

    It has a fast twist rate which makes it shoot heavy bullets well, i don't know what the remmy has. I think that should be the primary consideration. I use 105gr speer spitzers through mine


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