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Thread: RCBS .308 FL Dies

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    RCBS .308 FL Dies

    Was going to get into relocading and bought these from a forum a while back to make a start. Realised that l simply wont have time and to be honest can't be bothered!

    So its a FL RCBS set of dies for .308 (2) with a seporate 3rd die (could be the bullet seating die) but his is a Lee die.

    25 posted

    I've also got one of those red plastic bullet boxes that hold up to 357 cal in each slot i think it hold 60-70 bullets 10 + post


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    Did you sell those .308 dies in the end?


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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter79 View Post
    Did you sell those .308 dies in the end?

    This ad. is almost 3 years old. Most of the Lee dies in standard cals. are available cheaper in RGB form anyway.......
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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