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Thread: CCTV 4 channel set up

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    CCTV 4 channel set up

    CCTV set up with hard drive

    Hello guys

    i have for sale a Lynteck 4 camera CCTV set up with a main recording unit with built in 160Gb hdd, this is a complete used set up in excellent working order.
    just requires connecting to a TV or as i had been using a computer monitor, it comes with all the data and power leads, mains power adaptor and instructions and cd so that you can link it to your pc so it can be viewed via the internet anywhere in the world.

    you can set it up to record on activation or permanently record at various speeds and picture quality, it also re records over itself on a continuous mode every thirty days or so, if you have an incident to pass to the "old bill" this can be recorded directly onto a usb pen drive as required

    everything just plugs together once you screw the cameras to the wall the cameras record in colour during daylight hours and black and white at night each camera has 21 led illuminators for the night vision and are good to approximately 15 metres. the cameras are IP66 rated for external use, you can watch and record either one single camera or all four on the screen at once or rotate through all four cameras at intervals

    the Hard drive can be extended up to 1000Gb and comes with a seperate ir remote eye and remote control

    only down side is i damaged one of the cables to a camera but it is fixable if someone is handy with a soldering iron all the parts are included

    Looking for 140 plus postage its still all in its original boxes ready for postage this all in one set cost over 360.00 plus vat when i purchased it

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    Would you be able to watch on a smart phone

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    being honest im not sure how you would set it up you probably could using the software that puts it onto the internet



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    Hi Lee ,

    Is this system still for sale ? If it is i would be interested .

    ​Regard's , Walter .

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