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Thread: Plastic surgeon in morning :(

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    Plastic surgeon in morning :(

    I think I will have to learn to let go of sticks faster lol

    Playing with the dog earlier, and he got to the stick before I threw it - unfortunately, my hand was between the stick and his teeth
    Three hours and a visit to A&E and it is still bleeding through the bandages! Believe me, Staffy bites hurt, and unfortunately, he also bit through the muscle, so I have to go back to hospital for a plastic surgeon to sew it back together!
    I was a bit worried at one point, the nurse who x-rayed my hand said that it would have to be reported to the police due to the breed of dog involved. I told her there was no way that I was reporting my own dog for what was essentially an accident, and she just said that it's not up to me.
    Fortunately, when I asked the nurse who was dealing with me, she just laughed and said, no, she wouldn't be reporting it, for exactly the reason I said; I was worried for my dog for a while though.
    I'll put a photo of the injury up in morning - it's a good one

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    Get rid of the Spaniel or refer to rule #1 in the DSDC L1 training manual!

    Hope you recover soon.


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    I went to hospital when I cut myself in the kitchen, they wanted to mark it as a knife incident.

    Well done for stopping the nutter nurse and hope it heals well enough to get out stalking soon.

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    Dog bites hurt, Ive been biten twice (once by my own dog, which went through to my thumb bone). It should heal fine, mine did, and chicks dig scars, so alls good!!!

    Change from sticks to balls, balls don't break and get stuck in the dogs mouth, throat, pierce the roof of the mouth etc soare really bad for bogs.

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    Gotta say I agree about wood sticks (although there are safe alternatives out there) after my lab snapped a piece off in the roof of her mouth while she was playing with it herself. That said she doesn't bother anymore.

    Nurses sadly are not what they used to be, and most now I wouldn't pay in washers. The Govt. has actually got something correct and going back to training nurses traditionally after the last ten years of 'textbook nurses'.

    Dog bites really do hurt and said above have a speedy recovery.

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    Hopefully you will have some antibiotics as well. Mouths are nasty places and many medics are not keen on prophylactic antibiotics, especially with so many concerns about resistance. If you haven't - request some!
    Totally agree with the post re dogs and sticks - far too risky

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    I'll take the advice on the sticks fellas - thanks for the tip.

    They've given me some sort of pennicillin. Just had it inspected by a doctor, and I have get an operation on it this afternoon under general anaesthetic I can't wait!

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    I got bitten whilst rescuing a beater's drowning cocker from the rhyne last year.... I had hold of her leg and she was panicking and turned round and give it to me a good'un. She still hates me too, the ungrateful little sod!

    Good luck with it, ask the anaesthetist to let you enjoy the fentanyl shot for a while before they inject the knock out juice... it's good stuff!

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    Its not when they are having power cuts in the theatre, scares the hell out of you as I knew I was already on my way under and couldn't do anything about it! Time before was fun though

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