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Thread: 2 Grains differance

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    2 Grains differance

    Trying new loads today for the .270 with 140g Nosler partitions, was amazed to see the group tighten up as the load got hotter. Think I found the sweet spot. All rounds had a 60 thou jump and a difference of 2 grains progressively bought it in from 2 inch to clover leaf .
    ​Apart from 1 shot which was the fault of the idiot behind the trigger .
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    Very impressive and pleasing i bet............i am just looking into start down the reloading route so will be hoping for similair results.......

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    Hi Lordy, what powder you using?

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    This was H4831sc just changed from old load which was N160 behind 130g Speer Hot-cor

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