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Thread: Hi to all fellow hunters from Dennis_G from down under

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    Hi to all fellow hunters from Dennis_G from down under

    I've been hunting since grade 6 or 12 years of age, now 59 plus 2 I have trouble saying that S____ year thing.
    started on Sambar back in 91 just stalking. Had a go at Fallow in 2004,Red & Rusa in 2006 & 2007.
    Have used everything in rifles from .243, 303 25, .223, .308, .222rimmed, .348 & last but least my .300wsm.
    Well thats what, how long, & how I do hunt oh I've had my share of dogs over the years, now a bit more about myself?
    I live in Victoria Australia, married 2 billie lids (kids) son 20yrs & daugther 17yrs going on 35. Both have been shooting since about 7 yrs old.
    Nearly forgot I've only hunted for the table. Thats enough for now, great site. Keep up the good work.

    happy in the bush


    ps oh I do drive a landie
    When you drive the best,
    You wave at the rest.

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    Welcome to the directory Dennis.
    Would like to hear of your outback adventures sometime.

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    Welcome Dennis,

    I am about the same age as you and actually emigrated to Oz when I was 17 but only stayed 2 years. Had some fun shooting foxes with a friend near Melbourne and always wanted to get to see some Sambar but never did.

    A friend from Oz sent me a book called An Introduction to the Deer of Australia byArthur Bentley. Do you know it? It is surprising what a history of deer there is in Oz, more than most would imagine.

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    Hi to basil & cyberstag

    Thanks for the welcome guys.
    I have a Sambar cull sat & sun mornings in the pines? So hopefully I may have a tail or two to talk about next week. I should have spelt tales correctly? whatever we will know in a couple of days.



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    Welcome DENNIS, sure you will enjoy the site....

    Spent some time shearing out west,managed to fit a bit of shooting in...


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