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Thread: New office taking shape!

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    New office taking shape!

    Hi all

    We started the move into our new office today, and thought you may like to see a pic.

    Our brand new build will have heaps of office/sales space, a dedicated meeting room (our temporary office this week) and lots more storage space as well as our new warehouse which has been in use most of this year already.

    Should be finally moved in by end of month but the outside is still being rendered etc as i type.

    Anyway thought you may like to see where Scott Country are at at present.

    All IT, phones and comms etc all now 100% operational.

    Best Regards

    The Scott Country Sales Team

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    Woopie doo...

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    Looking good! Its good to hear of someone doing well despite the recent recession.

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    Good luck with the move, hope all goes well!!

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    Its taking shape!

    Somewhat reassuring that I haven't bought stuff from someone trading out of their mums front room ( as I have done in the past ) lol

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    That's a lot of plugs!!
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