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    Ring Ouzels

    About ten weeks ago I was up on the shoot where I keeper and noticed some unusual birds as i crossed a grass field that was being left for hay. There were about 30-40 hen birds which looked very similar to a female Fieldfair and about 10 what i presumed were cocks which were like a blackbird with a smal white bib. I asked around as I was struggling to ID them in books or online but no one new and i started to question myself.
    Then a few days ago i saw them in a magazine and they are Ring Ouzels and i felt great relief to know that my eyes hadn't deceived me. Anyhow i wondered how many people had seen these birds and in what circumstances and regularity.

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    See them regularly, but that is in the hills,they are an upland bird closely related to blackbirds.

    Have never seen them on low ground , and never knew they frequented your part of the world,hopefully someone will be able to provide an answer to your question.

    ​I will watch with interest.

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    There were loads of them on an estate I used to keeper on near Amulree. One foreign guest shot one claiming he thought it was a grouse!!!

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    They are relatively easy to see on passage in the spring on high ground here in Shropshire - A few pairs breed here on an area called 'The Long Mynd' ( or used to)
    Incidentally if this was a birding forum I would have been shot at dawn for giving away a breeding area
    They are generally in decline in Britain

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    Just looked it up they are summer visitors (which I knew) from the Mediterranean (which I didn't) what you saw was obviously new arrivals on their way north, most nest on the Scottish hills , with a few isolated sites elsewhere.

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    They over winter in Spain and North Africa - The Atlas Mountains in Morocco being a favoured site
    An excellent place to see them is North Norfolk in the spring when they fly in off the sea
    I have also seen them in several places in North Wales and in The Lake District

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    I suspect they are one of the many migrants that are shot by the Europeans on their migration.

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