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Thread: little pricket

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    little pricket

    [img] [/img] a little pricket from this morning

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    nice going Biglad
    any story to go with it
    and possibly a general area to boot just don't be to specific on that
    just one more thing a smile for the camera

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    Hi sorry did do a wright up but when it came to the photos it went tits the area was near clitheroe preston area on my mates ground he wanted a pricket we met at 5 45 got to the ground just before first light. the first beast we saw was a monster stag but was to big so we left it we then came to the clear fell watched a hind and calf for a while.the stags where whistling all over.we went up a ride where we could hear them as we came to a clearing there was 2 stags and the pricket the other 2 were an 8 point stag and a 6 point stag so we had the little pricket he was about 60 70lb real good eating. another mate had good 8 point head the day before........ the pricket ran about 40 yards after the shot then droped 120 gr berger 260 cal ....

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    spot on 8)

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