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Thread: Leupold vx3 4.5-14x50 longrange varmit reticule

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    Leupold vx3 4.5-14x50 longrange varmit reticule

    Here for sale is my leupold vx3 rifle scope complete with leupold flip up covers leupold quick realease scope rings. with orignal box!
    This is my scope having a little change about, this is the new vx-3 model and not the older vx-iii.
    It has a 30mm tube and parallax adjustment being the longrange model its in very good condition just the odd mark where i have flipped open the covers and caught it coming out of the cabinet.
    It has the varmit hunters reticule which is a 70 pound extra, It also has the very smart leupold alumina flip up covers which cost around 100,It also comes with the leupold quick realse scope rings and bases to mount on a howa rifle! again these are around 120 pound!
    Looking for 500 ono which is a bargain as the scope is on sportsmans and uttings for over 800 pounds not inc extras!!
    I can email pics as unable to up load!
    This will also come with the bases for a howa rifle (leupold quick realse)

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    is this sold>?

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    Still up for sale Tomm. As your in Cornwall you can view!

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    thats what im thinking, im getting a new rifle on friday so idealy would like to have a look. im only in launceston so 30 mins away. i will pm my email adress for pictures, thanks

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