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Thread: BASC and lead now this...

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    BASC and lead now this...

    Time to improve your image?
    The advert on page 101 of the July/August issue of the BASC magazine.

    So do I take it BASC is now backing the shooting of deer at night?! But then those that do it don't give a damn and now have consent from BASC. Great advert, what sort of message are they sending?

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    I feel basc is a waste of time ! I find them two faced ! There's better organisations out there who deserve our hard earned cash

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    Having read that advert, it appears they are inviting people to look at and try out night vision scopes and binoculars.

    It doesn't say 'shoot deer' and does not mention telescopic sights or night vision for the purpose. Think you can suppose what you like, but there is no mention of shooting, just a thermal image of a deer. Had it been a man, for example, am sure this would not imply the shooting of people.
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    Nothing like jumping to conclusions! What about the use of TI equipment for census work and population assessment...?

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    Not sure, but it looks like you're getting 2+2=5...

    The article doesn't mention shooting dear at night. Ok, it's photo of a deer, taken at night, but that's all. Why not use FLIR kit to build a better Management Plan? There are IR trail cameras that hunters use, but to track and monitor not (I'd hope) to actually shoot at night.

    Not sure that this is a valid issue, but happy to see what others feedback


    PS See the comments that were posted whilst I was typing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaser7mm08 View Post
    I feel basc is a waste of time ! I find them two faced ! There's better organisations out there who deserve our hard earned cash
    Here we go AGAIN

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    Let me say this if BASC are wrong ill say so if they get things right as they have many times and are extremely helpfully I'll praise them but here you have made here OP is that fatal mistake" assumption" which as we all know is the mother of all f**k ups! Time to get your foot out of your mouth.

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    here we go BASC bashing, above my message is a Scott country advert, night vision optics, since when did shooting of deer at night become a desicions of BASC, it's legal, and carried out by many people off this site, not me I hasten to add,.
    So if you don,t want to shoot at night don,t do it, but mind your own buissness what others do.

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    Also i'm pretty sure the night license allows u to use artifical light, i'm pretty sure night vison gear is not allowed.

    All the people i know that do shoot under license only use lamp's (and it is far more common in scotland)

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    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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