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    New here, Names Steve and i'm based around the Doncaster area.

    Been shooting most of my life, started on the foxes with CF about 10 years ago and have been into stalking for the last 3 years.

    I have owned many rifles from 22lr to 308.

    Cuurently i am shooting with a 243 and 7mm.

    I run my own electrical contracting company in the area working for indusrtrial clients.

    3 kids, oh and the wife!

    Looking to get a place within a syndicate and pick some days stalking up.



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    welcome to the site mate ,glad you had a good weekend stalking sounds like you filled your boots


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    Thankyou Gadget.

    I got the lucky seats.


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    Nice one Steve
    take it as it comes and don't get to involved

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