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Thread: Embarrassing Moment

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    Embarrassing Moment

    Last Week I took Robin from this site to fish a trout lake in the haute Vienne region of france, when we arrived my brother in law Steve was having a casting lesson with tony Scott a local coach, We started fishing and kept our distance not wanting to disturb them,
    When they had finished robin and i moved to the dam, I tied my cocker spaniel to a bench seat and started fishing, some time later i heard a crunching noise behind me, i looked around to see my dog eating the coaches Sage fly rod, You can imagine my embarrassment having to tell the coach that my dog had chewed up his rod, although no trout were caught i did manage to catch a nice carp on a cats whisker fly.
    Having dealt with sage in the past i am sure the rod can be repaired, Fingers Crossed
    Cheers Geoff

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    Nice fish though

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    dogs and rods
    not great bed fellows

    friend's dog ate through my father's hardy trout rod!

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    what a nightmare , but that carp looks a nice consolation prize ,also looks like the replacment bill was on your mind when the photo was taken !

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    Had a similar experience when my lab pup chewed the cork off my loomis whilst in the car however my brother cured the problem by then shutting it in the door, end of problem & rod,

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    There appears to be a niche market here for dog muzzles !


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    My youngest daughter shut the car door one time when my mate was talking to us as we sat in the car,unknown to her the tip of his kevlar/graphite/kryptonite rod was `tween the door and jamb...9 inches chopped off in an instant!
    "you nae be needing these no more"
    I said as I slipped the knife through the cord

    সাম্বার হরিণ

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    a dog just knows when and what to chew
    ​cheers lister

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    lucky it was only a sage a carp on a cats whisker thats got to be unusual . but there is no way you can call a cats whisker a fly.

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    Hi Toad, you a right about the cats whisker not being a fly, the carp in that lake really seem to go for them, the first one i hooked stripped all the line and backing off the reel and broke the leader, i have caught two so far, one 15lb and the other 11lb, not heard from the fishing coach regarding his rod, i think he is still in shock.
    cheers Geoff

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