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Thread: Feeding duck pond

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    Feeding duck pond

    When do you start to feed duck ponds for the coming season(ie weeks or few month before)

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    We started feeding the ponds as the dryerman started to clear the sheds for harvest but we did have reared ducks on the pond

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    We normally start in the middle of August, feed small till the duck find it then up the amount as they pile in then have the first shoot mid October .

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    Bit of a first for me, but how much and often to start with would you say its not that big the pond.

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    I'll be honest and say that after a few bucket fulls I used to have a fore-end loaders full dumped at a time just so I didn't disturb the wild ducks by going to the pond too often.
    ​the keepers with more than the few I got worked on a similar idea but had it tipped by the trailer load!

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    We were shooting a few hundred a day mate

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    if you can not dump large quantitys what is the best time to feed so you dont disturb

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    When the ducks have gone out to feed toad (usually near dark) and as quickly as you can to minimise disturbance

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    does that not ruin the evening flight perdix.

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