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Thread: help with hole identification

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    help with hole identification

    hi there,
    just woundering what dug this hole, dont think its a badger but not 100%? any throughts would be great
    atb simon

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    How big is it Simon and are there any prints on top?

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    id say a dog
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    There may even be hair on the barbed wire

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    the holes about 8-10 inches across, i couldnt see any prints. its on an edge of woodland, with a grass field, with cattle in.
    i didnt think badgers would as visable, and with the cows grazing with it to, hoping is more a fox, or even a rabbit

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    Might have been something digging something out.The possibilities are endless
    If its a dog ,a fox or a brock I reckon you may find some trace hair on the wire.

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    Badger hole would be a D shape and a fox you would be able to smell put a couple of small twigs over hole to see if its being used

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    ok thanks, i will have a closer look, im kind of hoping its not badgers.

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    Sorry I can't be more help mate but it would be a lot easier to have an opinion if I could see the hole "in person".Mind you I could still be totally wrong !

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    Only just stopped chuckling at the thread title!!!


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