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Thread: Blaser r93 7mm08

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    Blaser r93 7mm08

    The time has come to part with my blaser r93 in 7mm08. It's an r93 black less than a year old with around 120 rounds of factory ammo through it. Worked fine with federal fusion 140 so didn't see the point in loading for it. It has a few bumps and scrapes on it but no more than anyother rifle that's been on the hill. Selling it due to buying another profesional success sadly in another calibre as blaser no longer list 7mm 08. Looking for £1650.00. Photos are on gun trader as for some reason I can't get them to upload here . Also availible at cost is a set of dies,brass,heads,factory ammo and possibly an atec maxim moderator

    Atb blaser


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    Good evening! What factory ammo do you have, and also, where are you? People have differing views on where God's Own Country is!

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    I thought everyone knew fife was gods own country !! I have around 50 rounds of federal fusion 140 grain some Norma 140 grain bts and some privi 140 grain.have a good selection of heads aswell

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    Yorkshiremen tend to call where they're from Gods Own Country too mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by perdix View Post
    Yorkshiremen tend to call where they're from Gods Own Country too mate
    +1 There is only one, and He got it right in The Ridings
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    Hi Alan, how much for the fusion

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    How does £ 20 quid a box sound Johnny ?

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    sounds good, ill say to steve tomorrow

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