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Thread: dodgey message

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    dodgey message

    just had the old nigerian money trick sent to me in my inbox ,why ,are we compromised?

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    I got it too, I forwarded it to admin so they can delete the user ban the IP and burn the witch... or whatever the protocall is here!!

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    I have got two more E.Mails from the Inland Revenue telling me they have reviewed my fiscal activities and wish to give me 389 if I complete the link.
    I do not believe in fairies or strangers bearing gifts so these also have been forwarded to the `phishing` department at the Inland Revenue.
    I do NO on-line banking or tax.


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    this where there coming from ,mostly english banks with me

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    Probably safer to bank with the Nigerians!

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Probably safer to bank with the Nigerians!

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    Are you guys telling me this is a scam
    I've just ordered a new car, gun, house and am looking at an on line Russian girl younger than my youngest nephew with a view to marriage.
    All based on the windfall I was expecting from Nigeria 8)
    This Nigerian bankers wife said her ole man died in an air crash but had just put twenty squillian pounds in a bank account to finance a Coup but now he's gone wants me to pretend I'm her husbands partner and give her my bank details so she can transfer it across, and for doing this I get half a squillian pounds
    I didn't believe the Inland revenue e mail because all my money is under the bed so I knew they didn't have any of mine

    PS, I don't mind if I don't get too much money because Titania would probably see me off after about six months

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    Melanie has left the forum


    PS Eddy, I wish you and Titania all the best for the future, which I understand will be short but energetic

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    Is that what they mean by a last rutting season?

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