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Thread: 20g.. Last chance.

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    20g.. Last chance.

    As new Beretta 627 EELL in 20 bore sideplate with 28" SBS barrels in stunning dark wood. Stock has been extended by one inch and the finish achieved by Andy Coull is way better than standard. Gun has no marks or signs of ever been fired. Gold single trigger retains full colour and metalwork is unmarked.

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    Discening buyers are few and far between.

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    Sadly I have just bought another bike or I would've been all over this like a rash! Good luck.

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    Thanks Burpster. This is basically a SBS sideplated 20 bore with very little use and proffesionally enhanced stock.

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    Red-Dot. May I respectfully suggest that pictures always increase interest in a proposed sale ? I notice that you offer for sale guns that would potentially interest me, for example, but without pictures it is not really worth progressing unless one happens to live locally (which in my case of course I don't). I think if you posted some pictures - the figure of the stock is most crucial, I would suggest - you'd have much better response levels.

    Good luck with your sale.

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    I only have an iphone but i can email pictures of any areas of the four guns i am selling. Had a lot of enquiries lately but no buyers.

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    Nearly sold (again).

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