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Thread: beaver epidemic!!!!!!!

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    beaver epidemic!!!!!!!

    it seems the beavers have taken over the site and not only that, they are now taking over our stalking!!!!!

    these beavers need a load emptying into them, and banished from our site!!!

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    i know what you mean mate, handling too much beaver can lead to very damp hands!!.....i think we will leave it there!!
    to whom was involved in the start of the beaver discussion......shame on you!!!!!!

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    you only posted that site because you knew i would have to take a look........and i did!!

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    Yep! You are such a mucky little boy! Shame on you! I suppose that if I told you to stick your finger into a beaver you would do it!

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    Not into his mouth anyway, look at those teeth and that log !!!!


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    beaver epidemic!!!!!!!

    The other halves beaver

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