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Thread: The hunting high seat ,box is finished

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    The hunting high seat ,box is finished

    At last the hunting tower that over looks my boar feeding place is finished. At the back there is a solar panel that charges the battery that runs the green light LED spot lamp. No need to wait for a snow covered moonlight night. Went up at 12:00 last night to adjust the spot lamp to shine on the feeder area. The spot light has a dawn, dusk relay on it and also has a dimmer switch that can be turned up when the boar come. You can see from the visiter i had last night that the boar arn't worried about the light. Just need to get a nice swivel office chair and its ready to go.

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    Nice job! All the more satisfying when you have your first one from it.

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    Very nice Jagare, how many do you hope to take in a season there ?

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    nice one feller looks like a proper thunderbox on legs

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    Won't be takeing many this year. Only so much you can eat in a year. Border a member here on SD will get a chance when he's down to try for a roe buck. Problem is that its so warm at the moment and if i were to shoot the big boy who comes at the monent he would not fit in my fridge i hang the roe in.
    I will wait till the weather is a bit cooler to sit out. By then we will be into chaseing them with the dogs as well.

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    Hi Jagare,
    Where I shoot in Germany they all use cast off office swivel chairs and they are ***** I have never used one yet that did not squeak or crack when you adjust your sitting position. I have found the best solution to be a couple of planks sliding along 2 side rails (put a rail on all 4 walls including the door and it is flexible on direction ) add some old carpet to soften the seat a bit and bob is related to you,

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    That looks superb. I'm sure you'll do well from it!

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    Good build, next one open the angle of the legs a bit. I use free standing at 5% on open seats but the boxes have to cope with so much extra windage I opened to 10% after one blew over. Wind speed was at 105 mph though. At ten degrees they have never tipped with fencing wire doing the security, Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    nice one feller looks like a proper thunderbox on legs
    Just had another look? Door is on the side so that flap hanging down has to serve some purpose. You could have a point, Paul.

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    The flap hanging down is the solar panel. May cut a hole in the floor so i can ****e from a height. The legs are set at 10% and its 3 mtrs to floor level.
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