My father and I share a .243, and after he bought it I got hold of various kinds of factory .243 to test for accuracy. Shortly after doing that I started reloading, so it makes sense for me to clear this lot out.

20rnds Lapua 100gr softpoint 34
20rnds SAKO 100gr Gamehead (softpoint) 23
20rnds Norma 100gr softpoint 33
20rnds Norma 58gr V-Max 23
20rnds Remington Express Core-Lokt 100gr pointed softpoint 18
40rnds RWS 100gr pointed softpoint 60
60rnds GECO 105gr softpoint 55
9rnds Remington 75gr Accutip-V BT and 10rnds Federal Power-Shok 100gr SP - consolation prize or offers.

I'll be pleased to sell only to holder of suitably-varied FAC for cash, and face-to-face.
Please drop me a line if interested.