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Thread: Liege.

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    1977 Browning B25 B2g
    27 1/2" barrels
    Game fixed chokes
    Still as tight as when new
    11mm rib
    Super wood. Unworn chequering
    Original engraving unworn

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    Ha, times are tuff but not so tuff as to give top stuff away.. What does your kit consist of?

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    Wf1 you know what they say those with plenty of money never got it giving it away ! Isn't that right RD ?

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    No and i grafted for every penny of it.

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    Sporting Gun magazine bought one of these B2g's a couple of years back and described it then as a basket case and did a complete overhaul on just about every part and the gun cost them 3,000 in worn condition. They done the work and the result looked good. Mine doesn't need the work.

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    RD, it wont sell on here I don't think. You need to stick on guntrader or put in with a shop. If you want to sell it you need to be proactive.

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    I have a berretta 20 only a s model but with wood that has put a few EELL to shame .

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    100% agree. You must view EELL's in person as the wood varies from bland to flawless. Never buy a beretta from a dealer without detailed pictures as they always send the poor examples out first.

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    Pocture in my gallery, thanks.

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