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Thread: Lee Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer

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    Lee Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer

    Last March I ordered one of these units for 22 Hornet and 6.5x55. It is basically a caliber-specific die body into which a rotating cutter is inserted. It is supposed to trim, chamfer and deburr in one move. I got the cutter almost immediately, but the die bodies were on back order. I eventually forgot about them. Much to my surprise, they both showed up in the post yesterday. Looks like an interesting unit. It will automatically trim to .006" below spec but there are adjustments that will allow you to reduce the length by another .010" by adjusting a stop collar that moves the cutter in .001" per click for the 10 click range.

    The die bodies are $8.50 US, each, and the universal cutter was $24 IIRC. The cutter works from 17 cal up. I'll give a try tonight and let you now how it works.~Muir

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    Saw these on you tube, they look an interesting bit of bit. Hopefully they will work as well as they say they do


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    I gave it a quick try on some Hornet and 6.5x55 brass. It does work very well, trimming the case neatly and chamfering and deburring the case in the process. The click adjustments seem to be reasonably accurate as well.

    If I have a complaint it is that I seldom heavily chamfer the case mouths of my cases (I like to flare them instead) and the tool imparts a (to me) very long chamfer to about half the thickness of the brass. I definitely don't want that for Hornet. I can remove the chamfering/deburring blades and just use it as a trimmer but I'm not certain it will be any faster than my Forster trimmer.

    So for my special likes (flaring the case mouths with a separate die) this unit has little value as it stands, but to others who don't mind heavy chamfering, I must admit it would probably work very well for you. I think I will reserve final judgment as to it's worth to me once I get a 308 die and start trimming a bunch of military 308 that I have here. It will probably be a godsend.~Muir

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    Very old thread, but I saw my first one in a tradition gun store run by zealots, and I bought one, with the .30-06 die, and have used it on some heavy USGI brass. Checked it and it looks good, so I loaded up some rounds. As you said, Muir, not for every loading situation, but if it works as well as it seems to, I am going to get a .308 Win die next.

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