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Thread: reloading bench/set up

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    reloading bench/set up

    Hi All,

    I'm sick of moving my reloading gear from room to room so i've decided to board the loft properly and get a nice loft ladder and make a dedicated area to keep my gear. I only load about 4 times a year and a lot of my reloading kit is stuffed up there anyway so it won't be a problem. The missus has got a load of disount vouchers for B+Q so i'm off shopping in the morning.
    Over the years i've had a bench set up in the spare room (good talking point when visitors come) I had a set up based around a workmate.

    I was wondering how you guys store your reloading gear or what area you have set up. some piccies might be nice.


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    I have a workbench in the rear porch, I take the press and powder etc out there and spend a few hours.

    unless you line the loft it will be unbearably hot in summer and cold in winter.

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    As there are only Me Her & two hounds left rattling around in here, I now have what used to be the front bedroom! 5 safes a couple of pc's a rack full of stalking gear, powder store, loading bench, just need a mini bar now! 8)

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    I too got relegated to the loft to reload (lack of space in house) and actually its quite nice having your own personal space to leave set up and how you want it. Problem i found was finding a decent bench that would fit through the loft hatch. In the end found 1 in Machine Mart (Clarke CWB1250 Workbench 86) nice wooden top lockable under bench metal cupboard, a draw and bit of underside shelves too, I attached mine to wall just for extra sturdynes. Came flat packed so could just assemble in the loft. Bit of wiring for lights and sockets and its perfect.

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    I bet you don't get the Hoover finding its way through the loft hatch!

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    Here is mine in the loft as stated can get a bit hot/cold depending on outside conditions...


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    Hey Nell, are you getting visits in the loft from the missus?, it looks deadly tidy in there!

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    I have a 10 foot long bench made of laminated lumber with my equipment permanently set up: three reloading presses and three bullet sizing and lubricating machines. Behind the bench I have wooden shelves with 5 power measures, three scales, and storage for bullets and the odd tools needed to maintain the other stuff. I have auxilary shelving for powder and dies, as well as my unmounted presses, lubrisizers, and powder measures. My reloading room is my sanctuary!~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Hey Nell, are you getting visits in the loft from the missus?, it looks deadly tidy in there!

    Yeah right!!

    Only time she or the kids visit is to try and sneak in another bag of junk in,that apparently has to stay for at least a year before it can continue its journey to the charity shop, is it so obvious


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    Re -loading setup

    I have mine in the office when its not busy I reload a round or two I am re-seating 80 round of norma factory at the moment because it shoots a six inch group and when seated 4.5mm longer it shoots one inch groups

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