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Thread: Whats happend to sadler?

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    Whats happend to sadler?

    Does anybody know whats happend to Sadler?

    I bought and paid for a powder trickler last month and I have not recived anything, tryed contacting Sadler with no responce.

    Does anybody know if has a problem?

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    He's been online today mate , I'm pretty sure he's a decent bloke and there's a good reason behind the mix up

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    This is his website as far as I know.

    There's an email address and fax number

    Moore Leather

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    dealings i'v had have all been good !

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    He can be a bit slow, but nothing to worry about.
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    I believe he's having some personal stuff going on ,give him a bit of time he,ll come good
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    May I thank you for posting this as it seems with this aid that I have found the thief whom stole my Wafe & Butcher "Boone" knife. I had a certain Mr Moore make a new replacement sheaf for it. We met at a Bisley Show and he took details and outlines of the knife but the one sent did not fit. So after speaking to him on the phone the sheaf along with the knife was sent to him for correction and that's the last I saw of it. Despite several phone calls no knife or paid for sheaf arrived and then the number was no longer connected. Further attempts to contact Mr Moore came up empty and I was told Mr Moore had moved and then I was told he had emigrated but it seems that was a lie.

    Ahhh a little note i found on Mr Moores website:-

    APRIL 2013 UPDATE:
    I have now had my final bad experience of Ebay.
    As a result I've closed both my Ebay & PayPal accounts
    (PayPal is owned by Ebay)

    Once I have found a suitable on-line payment method I will add details to this page;
    until then I will only be able to accept bank transfers, cheques and trades, of course!

    My apologies for any problems this may cause, but I refuse to deal with such firms anymore.
    Of course I paid in cash direct into Mr Moores hands as I recall at the show. It will interesting to see what he has to say .

    The OP's problem seems to follow the rather all too familiar pattern here I am sorry to say. I would post a photo of the knife but the web connection is at a snails pace today. All the dratted holiday makers with their palm tops etc clogging up the network no doubt............................................. ... happens every holiday time .

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    Brithunter, I can't comment on your experiences, but I would agree with others, my dealings with him have been fine, I've chatted at length over the phone with him in the past too, seemed a decent chap. Hopefully you will resolve your issues amicably in due course.
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    He was very helpful when I bought a strop off him, but he hasn't responded to recent PMs as to when he could supply another.

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