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Thread: Question for the builders - kennel base finishing?

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    Question for the builders - kennel base finishing?


    I have just laid a 50mm type 1 sub base, whacker plated down and topped off with 100mm of effluent grade concrete for a 15' x 5' kennel/run

    It has a pretty decent finish considering how quickly I had to work in yesterdays heat but my question is this:

    Would it be acceptable to finish it with a smooth top coat of cement? Wouldn't be more than 10mm.

    Would this take well onto the concrete and withstand the frost/heat without cracking over time?

    My OCD is getting the better of me as there are a few little dips which could potentially catch water/piss etc and I like to have it as smooth as possible. (I have a run off gradient for cleaning etc )

    I very lightly brushed the concrete to leave a key to take either sealer and paint, or a cement top coat first before sealing and painting.

    Would like to hear you're opinions


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    Leave it. You are unlikely to get a good key. If it bugs you later, you could try to use a self leveling float but unless you have dramatic dips you will be creating more hassle tHan you will solve. Jim

    ​Ps keep it soaked

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    Cheers Jim,

    I kinda expected to hear just leave it

    To be fair its mostly a few wee spots where a larger stone in the concrete mix has rolled when levelling, just creating a bit of a gathering point but if I seal it well then paint it should be ok I suppose.

    I'd hate to give a cement top and have trouble later in time.



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    Use a white bonding agent made by Sika and super plasticise the top layer and i would add air-entrainer and plastic fibres as well. Aim for a mix no less than 25 Newtons. Once you have floated the concrete sprinkle hardner powder on top and the finish wil be as tough as marble or granite.
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    The sika bonding agent do's work well if its applied properly . What ever coating you use on concrete you must either abrade or acid etch the surface first. I worked for 23 years doing coatings and repairs on concrete and was a sika trained applicator.

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    Just leave it. Anything you put on top has the potential to separate from the base if not done perfectly. Your dogs will love it anyway ;-)


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    The ammonia from the dogs wizz will rot the concrete if it is not sealed. Paint won't stick to new concrete very well due to the white salt that will appear after laying.

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    I no its to late now but a power float would have got the required result , we built some bespoke kennels a few years ago and the customer wanted the floor tiling , and must say it looked very smart on completion , that may be an option

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    Not a builder (as anyone who has seen my walling attempts will attest to) but I've inspected kennels for a long time. Almost nothing withstands dog urine, concrete pits, paint flakes, rubberised paint gets ripped by the claws. The best solution is to tile with minimal grout or be prepared to redo the floor every few years!

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    My neighbor has just floor tiled his kennels on top of his concrete base in blue slate colour. Because of the concrete holding the smells etc and it's great to hose down too.

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