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Thread: Duck pond from start to finish

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    Duck pond from start to finish

    About two years ago I started a pond project with help from my mate with a 360 jcb and a partial grant.
    Well its totally finished now and working like it should, this year for the first time there have been two broods of mallard hatch on it it and it gets 4 species of duck visit on a regular basis.
    It also gets a few greylags and the highlight last year were a handful of pinkfeet geese which made and appearance on the last few days of august must have been some of the first arrivals from Iceland so it must be pretty appealing (even got filmed them trying to come in) and they would have done if I weren't stood there with the camera.
    Another highlight one morning I bumped two European cranes that were stood at the side of it, another success are the water voles that have now made it their home.
    I'm no expert as this is only my second attempt at ponds but if anyone is considering doing a similar project I would be only too happy to share my experience and problems doing them. DF

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    Don't you be going and giving too much information out, we don't want none of these sd ruffians poaching .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    That looks like a great project. Could we see some more pictures of how it came together?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    That looks like a great project. Could we see some more pictures of how it came together?
    Lawrence I will find some out and post them up later .

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    Good on you , not enough people put ponds in and their a real benefit to any area . Its great to be able to do a long term project and be able to see it mature . I'd throw a lilly pad buld in and maybe a few crucian carp , not for fishing , just because .

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    Thanks Trouble its the second pond I have done in the space of 6 years, the first one is stocked with fish I don't do any fishing so it only gets a maggot drowned in it when a certain sd member comes down from bonny Scotland.

    I want to leave the other as it is and see what develops naturally, plus the wildlife trust who helped me a lot go insect dipping down there and I don't think they would be too happy if all there creepy crawlies were getting snapped up by hungry carp lol.
    its getting quite a lot of attention now from teal mallard and tufties as well as Greylag and pinkfeet geese in the winter.
    I took another film down there yesterday

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