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Thread: Battery drill based bird plucker

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    Battery drill based bird plucker

    just been sent the new bush wear catalogue and noticed (page 84) a drill attatchment that supposedly plucks birds mallards in 2-3 mins. its 40 so not a lot of money IF it works.
    has anyone ever used one, seen it in flesh or heard about them before. looking at picture i think it would be a plitter and probably wouldn't work very well and would sit in cupboard gather dust and i can think of many better ways of spending 40 quid.
    any recommendations/warnings? cheers

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    Does it look like a large circular drum with rubber bobbles/ blunt spikes on it?

    If so, i bought one from Cabelas in the states a few years ago. It's very cumbersome in use and will certainly rip out the large feathers. However its' absolutely pants at removing the small and under feathers.

    Mine's is languishing at the back of the garage somewhere.

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    To be honest, if you pluck a large number of game birds then the only thing to get is a Bingham dry plucker and, ideally, someone else to use it. I have one and can tell you that you still have to do a lot of final hand work to get birds to a grade A standard. As a way of evaluating any kit I always ask myself, if it was stolen tomorrow would I replace it with the same? For the plucking machine, the answer is a definite no. If you only do a small quantity then you are better off doing them by hand. I know some shoots like to sell most of the game in the feather but give oven ready birds to the guns, in this case, try to do a deal with your gamedealer for him to let you have some oven ready birds back. As with most things, the simplest way is usually the best. JC

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    Aye thought it looked a bit gimicky, scotsgun i would say it is the same as wot u bought or very similar judging by the photo. i dont pluck a great deal of birds but run a small syndicate so thought it would be handy to pluck a few after the shoot before flighting time.

    I take it u use it sort of free hand in the drill which i imagine would be pretty akward and a pain.
    Was thinking thou if u put the drill in a vice wi trigger taped on horizontally so u could hold bird with 2 hands like u do wi a real plucking machine would that make it any easier or still a waste of money.

    cheers for the advice althou i think i can predict the outcome. save my cash for something else or save for the real mckoy think it'll take a few 40 quids to get a dry plucker thou

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    me and my son tried one i made up very similar to the one you have been looking at . It was a disaster we first tried it on a goose and got no where then we tried it on a wigeon we had the drill in a work mate we had a variable speed as well we tried it slow to start with then a bit faster applying more pressure on the bird until the bloody thing totally dismembered the bird covering us both in feathers meat and guts so we gave up and chucked it on a shelf were it is still today . I would save up and get i bingham or a combe dri plucker they do what they say on the box

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    Sounds like you lads need one o' them thar forelock tuggers to do the job!

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    having done the amount of plucking i hav over the years
    i would now not be with out a purpose built plucking machine that actually built for the job
    plucking the pheasants we use proper tools for the job, these are factory made
    pics a little dated now,as set up has been moved to more modernised and easier to clean room

    all the ducks are rough plucked by hand first this is quicker than using a machine, heasants are different the machine plucker wins every time
    home made waxer for the ducks ( homemade purpose built) also rehomed

    dip the ducks

    hang to cool and wax harden off

    wax off and now ready to start dressing

    close up of the waxed duck

    now dressed time to wrap
    these are placed in a tray then shrink wrapped

    finished job
    nice and neat


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    Looks like your wild duck population find plenty of feed Stone! 8)

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    very nice set up stone. u really know how to make someone feel inferior and i was thinking of splashing out 40 quid on a drill plucker and you've got that fancy set up. god i'm jealous.

    jist the 1 question wots the waxer for. the only thing i can think of is dipping the birds in to get last remaining feathers off when its hard? i am near. the only time i've been involved wi wax it's usually dripping of the candle all over my fingers and anything else in the general atrea. a real pain

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    Stone I too would be interested to learn about the wax thing, I never heard of it.

    That is also what I call a real meat cleaver, where do you get one that big???



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