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    Whilst I am pretty sure the answer will be "Buy another Shotgun"

    The question, I have a section one shotgun, which holds up to 10 shells, as I understand things you cannot exceed three shots as a maximum for shooting wildfowl and must use steel shot.

    If I were to remove the extended magazine, thereby reducing the capacity of the section one shotgun to three shells, can this gun be used for wild fowling or, as I suspect, do I need to simply buy a three shot "Shotgun"?



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    Yes you can and even with 10 up but you will never sell it as once a firearm always a firearm.

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    Morgy i'm almost positve u can't use ur S1 shotgun to shoot wildfowl no matter how many in below, in fact pretty sure ur not meant to shoot game with it full stop, althou doesn't stop the odd keeper using 1 on a keepers day. As it's on ur FAC will it not have conditions for its use, usually vermin control.

    And like red-dot says once registered a Firearm always a firearm

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    Conditions on my ticket state:-

    Vermin, Clay Pigeon, shooting birds in accordance with The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

    Rifled slug for Fox and Boar when encountered whilst vermin shooting.

    So whilst I know it is a class one firearm, it seems a bit daft not to be able to take the extended magazine off for a bit of wildfowling as opposed to the purchase of another shotgun.

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    I may be wrong but reasonably sure i'm not. That was 1 off reasons never bought a sec1 shotgun. Althou i possibly have been advised wrongly

    The fact it seems daft probably means its right Most off firearms licencing seems to be fairly daft

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    I would of assumed you would be fine to use it with the magazine extension removed, because if, for instance you got caught and questioned on the marsh they can inspect it and see that only 2 will fit in the magazine. If they were to seize it in evidence the same is true.

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    I would be cautious about using a section one on the marsh. However "once a firearm always a firearm" isn't always true as it can be crimped and proved down to a shotgun.


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