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Thread: Hogdons H4350 replacement. Vhit ?

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    Hogdons H4350 replacement. Vhit ?

    Hi, I've got a superb load that works really well in my .30-06 using 150gr Intrelocks using Hogdons H4350. Does anyone know of a Vit powder that performs the same as the H4350 ?

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    Take a look at this burning rate comparison. The closest Viht seems to be N150 which experience dictates is about right.

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    Viht N150 is about the same burn rate,
    Lapua reloading data here.

    Note that you'll still need to work up the load i.e. just cause it burns the same doesn't mean you use the same charge...

    ​P.S. for 150gr out of an .30-06 I'd consider N140.

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    Hi, thanks for this, its all very good info and has been a good help. thanks for being so kind as to take the time to reply.

    kind regards, Olaf

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    Excuse me for being a bit thick, but do I understand correctly, if you get good performance with powder X, you should get very similar performance with another make of powder with very similar burn rate ?

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    You may get similar pressures and velocities, but not necessarily similar accuracy.~Muir

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    Imr4350 is similar

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    Pm me if you're after imr4350 or h4350 and may be able to point you in the right direction or help you out

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    I found Viht 140 in the .30-06 with 150 grain SST's gives good results.

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    May be similar burn rates, but checking out the Lee manual shows very different MV's Vit N150 & N140 being some 200fps at least slower than H4350.

    The nearest Vit. derivative propellant providing closer MV's in the manual is Ramshot Big Game, a Belgian propellant from a company now owned by Lapua.

    My burn rate chart shows Ramshot Big Game propellant but much closer MV's, as being a little faster than H4350 & (faster) next to Vit. N140 also with much slower MV's. (again some 200fps slower) ATB
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