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    Hi there, I live in Hertfordshire, own three centre fire rifles 22.250, 25.06 & 30.06. Shoot mainly Fallow as that is what there is a lot of near me. We also have Munties and Chinese. Started shooting shot guns with my granddad (when you got the certificate from a post office). Many years ago started fox control with the 22.250, then met a German and started shooting boar (hence 30.06). I have a German hunting licence. Prefer larger calibres with good quality German scopes. For ten years shot all deer with the 30.06, please do not try and tell me it was too big. I do take a few paid guests but prefer swap hunts.

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    Hello Munty1,

    I also have the German license it was a b**ger to get but afterwards the boar jagd is good sport.
    Welcome to the forum.


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