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Thread: Sauer 202 elegance grade stock, diamond cut bolt.

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    Sauer 202 elegance grade stock, diamond cut bolt.

    Sauer 202 elegance grade stock. .270
    Lovely rifle but sits in the cabinet due to not stalking red. pictures later or by email. Slight scratch on stock otherwise fantastic rifle. Rings, 1" and 30mm, also two bullet loading thingies set to the ideal length by Claret Dabbler who I bought it off a couple of years ago. Remains of ammo, 24x 130gn federal fusion. Not screw cut. Iron sights. 1550 Ono

    The scratch on the stock has now been professionally reduced by pietasvenatores. It could be completely removed but as a stalking rifle the blemish is hardly noticeable. The expense to remove it would be hard to justify.

    Can be supplied with a Kaps 8x56 scope just back from Paul Burke at 1850 all in.
    as scope is untested and I am struggling to move this lovely rifle, first 1350 takes it away.
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    Cant get it to upload the picture of the stock repair.

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    Now trying gunstar.

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    Still waiting for that discerning buyer. I will meet the rfd costs my end if that helps?

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    Lovely rifle if only in 25-06 i snap it up

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    It is still waiting for that discerning buyer
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    Classy rifle,nice lines.

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