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Thread: Hunting season is here

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    Hunting season is here

    Autumn the best season of the year. The dog hunting season started on the 1st October so last weekend i loosed charlie my Taxen (Teckle) to hunt roe. Due to my daydreaming i missed the chance of a shot at a roe fawn that ran within 15mtrs of me. The dog had a good hunt and its great to here the dog working.
    Yesterday evening i was out walking the dogs and encourageing Niko my Kopov to hunt a bit further out. I here him driveing something and my first thought is he was hunting roe. Hunting roe is a no no because a Kopov is to fast but then i hear he has something to bay. I go to where i here him barking and try and creep forward not easy with a taxen and spaniel in tow. There they were a cow and calf moose. the cow caught site of me and after a couple of minutes moved off with Niko in hot pursuit. I whistled Niko and he was back in a couple of Minutes. The kopov is coming on well.
    so this morning is fine and 5c so i loose Charlie of again. Within 5 minutes he has a roe on the move. In classic roe hunting style the roe go's round in a circle and I'm able to get a good position for when the roe comes back round. I hear the dog getting nearer a there was the doe coming at a easy pace. a shot from the combi and the roe is down. A minute later comes the dog.
    So a good start to the season. We just need a few more frosts now ready for the moose hunting.

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    Sounds like you and the dogs had a great time out.

    Good picture and a nice post, have a great season


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    Real nice looking dog, great colour. I like Teckels, Steve.

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    Would love a go at that dogs humans and hunting go together.

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    Interesting rifle there .
    It looks like my old Geyger O/U 7X65R built on a Merkel action.


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    nice going Alan 8)
    glad to hear the kopov is coming along great

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