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Thread: DSC2 - BDS or BASC?

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    DSC2 - BDS or BASC?

    I took and passed my DSC1 back in 2007 with the BDS.

    I'm a way off but begining to think about registering for DSC2, possibly in Jan 2014, if all goes to plan.

    My BDS membership has lapsed, but would be easy to renew I think.

    I've been a BASC member for many years and I am currently.

    Just trying to work out whether to register with the BASC; or renew my membership and register with the BDS.

    Appreciate all views and perspectives. Thanks in advance.

    (Not sure if my DSC1 with the BDS has any relevance to this decision)

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    Pretty sure it makes no difference who you did level 1 with.
    was told by an aw last year that basc are sometimes a little easier to deal with, (in terms of bds can nit pick about little things?) as I said just something I was told so might not be true.
    all the best with it anyway,

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    Thanks for response.
    I had heard much the same, but I'm not sure there is a lot in it.
    Do you know if the BASC AWs and BDS AWs the same people?
    I suppose geographic availability might come into play if they are different?
    Thanks again

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    Not sure if they are the same aw for both organisations or not. There are quite a few on here though so hopefully one will clarify for you.

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    As an aw you are affiliated with an organisation but that doesn't mean you can't witness for people registered with a different organisation. For example i am with the BDS but if you registered with BASC that doesn't stop me from witnessing some/ all of your stalks in your portfolio.

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    Not sure the organisation has a bearing on the outcome of it really, just personal preference. You still need to display / fulfil the skills to complete the criteria required. To the AWs, deer management skills are the same if you were registered with either.... You cannot fail your level 2, you just keep gaining the experience / skill / knowledge, until you are able to demonstrate it well enough during your witnessed stalks to be signed off on it.

    I registered mine through the BDS, learnt a lot from the process, enjoyed it, and got the HUGE badge at the end . Have carried on learning after it and will never stop learning.

    Good luck if you register.

    All the best.


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    "Nit pick" might also be interpreted as robust adherence to the single Standard as determined by DMQ. At least that's how imagine a certain member of BDS staff would reply albeit with a little more 'punch'.


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