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Thread: DSC1 time

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    Question DSC1 time

    how long after you do your DSC1 does it take for your certificate to come telling you that you have passed??

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    If you don't get it within 5 days it means you've failed!!!

    Just kidding, they said up to 6 weeks on the course I attended recently.
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    Now been over 6 weeks since I did my DSC1 and still no certificate. Asked at the BASC tent at the Galloway country fair and was told it shouldn't take more than 6 weeks. It's becoming most frustrating waiting on it coming in.

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    Done mine last weekend and yes, 5/6 weeks !


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    Too long, end of June and still nothing, a yes or no would be worth knowing, it was a big chunk of money to pay out, course great, learnt loads but things have gone awol ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackrider View Post
    Done mine last weekend and yes, 5/6 weeks !


    Where did you do it matey?
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    Wykeham, spot on, no probs but not knowing if its in the bag is a bit of a pisser.

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    I think mine took about 6 weeks, but it does seem longer

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