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Thread: Excellent Service from Scott Country

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    Excellent Service from Scott Country

    Just like to say thanks to Scott Country (Paul) - I phoned at 16.45 last night to see where I am on the Photon list - whilst on the phone I had a couple of questions regarding the Pulsar 750 Recon - Paul answered these easily & I ordered 1 - this would be around 16.50, it was delivered @ 09.20 this morning !!

    Thanks Paul

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    Hi V8, thank you for your lovely message and glad you are happy with the service.
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    i must just add to this, thay and he have been excellent provider keeping us updated on the photons mine is now happy on my rifle well done and a very fine service from scott country int. inc all the other staff i'v had dealings with.

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    Cheers guys, try our best, sometimes things like the Photon delivery schedules really upset customers, but in reality most are understanding and appreciate we do what we can.

    Saying that i have two units on my desk that two deposit paying people from April have yet to pay for...and have until 5pm to do so or they go to someone else!

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    I have dealt with them for some time and have always found them helpful and to provide excellent service. They have assisted me into and through the introduction of the digisights having supplied a n550, n750, DFA75 and recently the Photon 5X42 day/night scope which is now happily and accurately mounted on a lightweight Ruger 10/22. I wish them good luck with the move and lots of success for the future.

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    One more to add to the list of very satisfied customers. The attitude the chaps at Scott Country have is an example to many retailers out there. I have found them both knowledgeable and helpful even when under considerable stress through no fault of their own. Well done and keep up the good work.

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    Thank you for the comments chaps.



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