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Thread: .308 Ammo

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    .308 Ammo

    Hello Everybody

    I've just picked up a Sako 75 with an 18 1/2 barrel and Quicksilver mod.

    Any advice on what to feed it would be much appreciated; I'll be shooting all UK deer species and occasionally (Hopefully) boar.

    So far I've tried Federal Vital Shock / Power Shock and Classic. Power shock groups just under 1 inch @ 100 which is nowhere near the Tikka in 6.5 x 55 with Norma 120g BTs. I've only every used BTs so have no idea what soft point, nosler, hammerhead are suitable for.

    I'm sure we can do better but with such a large choice out there would appreciate some help narrowing down the contenders.

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    I feed by rifles RWS mate,

    Slightly more expensive than some (so i'm told) but they are a breath of fresh air after the recent Remmington stuff l was putting through my .308. In 40 bullets i had 4 that just didn't fire, nothing smaller than 2" groups at 100Yrds and a very shitty barrel.

    The RWS through my .223 Tik drops Muntjac 'better' with the RWS - i was using Fed V-Shock and was getting some embarrasing results.

    RWS mate (CHeap through Reeve's too!)


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    I'll second the RWS - good stuff. You might also try Norma as well, you can get them with a ballistic tip or straightforward soft nose, but you have to pay a bit more. They are very consistent and my Tikka (a Sako without the better finish, made in the same factory) likes both. I've found Federal ammo OK, but not as good as these two.

    Worth trying a selection of manufacturers, the load has to suit the rifle and you'll never find out what really is best without experimenting. If you are lucky your rifle might even like Prvi Partizan at about 8.50 a box compared to anything around 30 - 40 a box for other makes.

    For an 'all round' bullet weight you might like to look at 150 grains. It sounds silly for small deer, but you actually get less carcase damage with a heavier slightly slower bullet. My .243 shooting 100 grains does much more meat damage than my .308 shooting 150 grains! For boar 180 grains would be better as there is more terminal energy & knock down.

    Hope this helps


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    Hi Bestman

    My Steyre seems to prefer the Sako 123g sp for everything..

    Personally would never go back to Federal Powershocks.. Loads seem to vary to the point you need a hammer to open your bolt..

    As Mole said have a see what suits your rifle



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    308 Bullets

    Another vote for the 123g sako for deer. i put some through my sako 85 very nice groups with minimal meat damage. I have something heavier for our furry friends!!

    ATB Steve

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    I'll third that the sako 120g seem to do the job, with little damage, I previously used norma 150g my tikka seemed to like them as well but wanted to tame things down a little for the roe and the sako seem to be spot on! ATB

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    touch wood i have used federal for 10 years and iam saying no more ,i found a empty box from nearly 5 years ago with the price on 17.50 i got a box the other day 28.35 ,i got some last year and they were 19.50,whats going on? i think i will give them privi,s a run before long to see if my rifle likes them 49 for 100

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    Magtech 15o grain shoots about one inch in my Sauer 202. Very cheap and accurate enough for my needs to be realistic. About 60 per hundred if I remember.

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    Why not try rolling your own if you have trouble finding anything decent?, Ultimately a satisfying exercise, taking game with stuff youve tailored yourself. Steve.

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    Thanks for all the advice, I'll definitely try RWS KS 150/165g and Norma 150g BTs. What do people think about Winchester Supreme 168 BTs? Might be better for boar than the Norma 150s....

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