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Thread: An Odd Buck

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    An Odd Buck

    Shot this one recently, acting normally not limping ,it was obviously an old buck but very big in the body, the lump on the liver is a tumour but there were no other tumours or sign of disease. We couldn't work out whether the leg was broken or a birth defect
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    Cracking trophy mate one to remember

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    That does look like a cracking head, would love to see it with all the velvet off! Well done!



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    Good one to get fella,what weight was in the head?

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    nothing special in the head just shy of 450 ,the photo makes it look bigger than it is.They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder to me its looks ugly,I only kept it because its an odd one

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    Looks a nice head! Shame the velvet is still on it in places .

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