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Thread: Putting Holes in People

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    Putting Holes in People

    first time I have mentioned this on here, but I became a mature student this week.

    I am doing a 3 year degree course in acupuncture.

    I reckon its the only way I can legally get to put holes in people

    Anyway, if anyone does concessionary rates for us poor impoverished students. I am more than happy to accept charity


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    Another mature student! I'm a first Year Vet med student. Seen some acupuncture on dogs, amazed at how well it can work..

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    got to say, my brain is fried this week Still I think if I had the brains I would rather do your course. Ultimate licence to print money.

    I usually have to beat newly qualified vets off with a stick, they are always trying to sell tooth paste and ear cleaner. Either that or have my dogs wotsits whipped off

    Re acupuncture, I was being taught by a Chinese doctor yesterday. She spoke so matter of factly about helping terminal cancer patients get just one or 2 better weeks of life before they died etc I was so humbled.

    Its when you hear about things like that and how they can increase fertility or free people from pain the enourmity of what you are doing hits home.

    Best of luck with the course.


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    good luck with the coarse ten years ago i was reliant to two walkin sticks to get around the house. The doc told me to learn to live wit the pain . afriend recomended acupunture and with manipulation and acupuncture I was sorted out I can now head off up the hills that mates gibe at with no problem.
    I wish you every sucess.
    PS sadly it did not improbe my typing

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    PM Finman on here or on UKVarminting, He's a Physioterrorist of some repute who specialises in what you're looking for....

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