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Thread: hunting in spain

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    hunting in spain

    has anyone done any hunting in spain in the murcia area . i am there for 1 week from the 22nd of this month . i know ther is some great hunting in the sierra espuna area any ideas

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    Pm Adamant off this site. He arranges hunting trips to Spain. I think he may still be in Africa. Not sure when he's back. There is also an email address under his posts on the site.

    Good luck


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    thankyou jonathon.

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    I would be intrested in infomation on this, my parents have a place in denia, abit north of Murcia.

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    Me to murcia from the 23/7/13,and looking to spend more time there in the next few years,and I don,t play golf so have to find something else to do!

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    Has anyone found out anymore information on this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by whitehackle View Post
    Has anyone found out anymore information on this?

    As Jonathon said PM adamant, see what he has to offer.

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