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Thread: WANE Risk Assessment!

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    WANE Risk Assessment!

    Bureaucracy is making another attack on syndicates.
    just received a letter from the Agent, advising me that renewal of the lease will be subject to Producing and Implementing a Risk Assessment relevant to the Wildlife And Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011...............not a Health & Safety Risk Assessment - we already have one.

    Can anyone help with a proforma of such a document?
    Maybe my years of subscribing to BASC will help.
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    This is pretty much all over these days, not only from a health and safety viewpoint but to prove your activity is legal in many cases (e.g. if antis disrupt what you're doing and you want to prove they were disrupting a lawful activity the authorities will look at whether there's a risk assessment in place). I know pheasant shoots should have one. They're pretty easy to compile if you've had a little training in such matters, then they just need updated every so often, yearly or when things change. Easily said, I know.

    I'm pretty sure BASC have a template and a generic risk assessment on their website. That might be only for shoots, but the idea is it's generic and can be adapted. Take a look and you'll maybe get the idea.

    It's about identifying risks and putting measure in place to combat them. For example there's a risk of falling from high seats, so you put in an annual check of high seats to ensure they're sound, or if stalking alone, carry a mobile or tell someone where you're going and a return time so they can raise the alarm and suchlike stuff.

    Oh, should add that I'm referring to what occurs in England and as we know you Scots are already independent where the law is concerned, but is probably similar. Hope that's of some help.
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    And if you need any help, please get in touch with the team in Scotland - their number is in the mag and on the web site.

    Yes there is guidance to risk assessment on our web site and a template.

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    Pedro are you sayin, the police would ignore someone disrupting your shooting, if you didn't have a risk assesment as without one you are carrying out a illegal activate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Pedro are you sayin, the police would ignore someone disrupting your shooting, if you didn't have a risk assesment as without one you are carrying out a illegal activate

    If I remember correctly an incident of shoot disruption was thrown out of court last year because the shoot had no risk assessment, may be a bit simplified but this was the bottom line. maybe someone can remember the details.

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    Thanks for the time taken on the replies - unfortunately it's not a Health & Safety Risk Assessment, already have one off those, it's a Wildlife and Natural Environment R A.
    What risk will our ** activities have on the environment, wildlife and their habitat.
    ** plus the activity of persons not associated.
    The relevant/whole scope of WANE Act (Scotland) 2011 needs addressing - not the most exciting document to read!!

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    Hi Phil ...good luck with this task .. I've never heard of this one. I'ld be interested in how you get on with it 'cause I can see me getting the same requirement in the next day or two.
    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    All the health and safety Literature was always in view in our beat hut when I ran a shoot it will stand in good stead as TonyC has mentioned if antis or any other disruptive organisation try to get involved. Police will enforce the law if the relevant documents on show is what i believe if any antis tried to obstruct the shoot.

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    My apologies to you, philross. I did mis-read and consequently sent the thread off in the wrong direction. Sorry.

    As for the other matter concerning risk assessments, read here for a brief summary.

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    It will be the same as a normal risk assessment. Identify the hazards from a WANE act perspective. State the control measures in place and then measure the residual risk.

    I haven't looked at the WANE act but there must be some bullet points, use these as your hazards

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