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Thread: Leica Duovid

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    Leica Duovid

    Has anyone got or had the chance to use these? If so, any information on the quality of the magnification at both variables would be helpful.

    I like the look of them because of the 8 or 12 opportunity

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    i cant help you with the duovids , but i can tell you about ultavids . i have 10x50 ultravids and they are the tits !!!!! crystal clear optics exelent focus , infact ill never want or need another pair of binos for the rest ofmy stalking life .

    unless some bastad nicks them , i cant think the duovids will be cant different.

    cheers lee

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    Have the Geovids, don't think I'll be having anything else from now on.Steve. 8)

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    Bino choice


    Tried both a pair of duo and ultra in Jessops in London at dusk and personally couldn't see much difference between the two. Build quality was excellent on both and really, both have top quality internals so hard to compare. I ended up forking out a little more and going for Geo's to alleviate carrying more kit and find the range finder very useful, especially at night when foxing and range estimation more difficult. My regular shooting partner has a pair of Swarv's which are excellent too but personally, Leica's every time.

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    I have the duovids in 8x -12x, i have used them for stalking once or twice and their great, however i did buy them for twitching!!!! The only downside is they are heavy. I still go for the Swaro EL's every time... lighter, faster handling, better FOV, and the special eyecups are excellent.
    Hope this helps.

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