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Thread: Mellness Odyssey

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    Mellness Odyssey

    Hi All,

    We have just returned from an autumn break at Mellness hosted by David Brown of this forum.

    We had a fantastic week enjoying every aspect that a week in the highlands can offer.

    A big thank you to David and his family, for their hospitality. It was a pleasure stalking with David his knowledge and experience was freely shared and he worked tirelssly to find deer.

    We will be returning, having booked on departure! I have included a photo below of a medal class Sika (one of three I saw on my trip). He was the highlight of a great week.



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    Your First Sika Stag

    Thank you Herne for your kind comments I await the full story in the articles section with interest. I have told everyone here how good a shot it was and tonight ranged it at 247 meters.You should be proud. I was out with Russ tonight in the high seat that made you sea-sick. He shot an excellent 8 point Sika too just in front of the wallow. It whistled in the thick cover then came at a gallop towards the seat. He is so pleased he is getting it set up. Looking forward to your visit in the winter. A' the best David. ps we saw the big royal red last night but he kept moving when he broke cover so didnt offer a shot but is still here for someone.

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