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Thread: Going down?

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    Going down?

    Not the weather for the Fan Dance,......... Although it will still take place,.......Thoughts for the families.
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    Condolences to the families
    Is it something that has to be done regardless of weather, (thinking Afghan summers) or is it just a timed "run" over rough terrain?

    My son did the Paras !0 last saturday at Colchester, he said the entrants were dropping like flies, hes also toying with the idea of doing the Fan Dance


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    BBC News - TA soldiers who died in Brecon Beacons

    From what the BBC are saying ('cum grano salis' of course), the Fan Dance claimed two Selection candidates for the Artists' Rifles.

    Having been for what was by comparison a bimble up Pen y Fan with OTC over 20 years ago when the autumnal weather was less than stellar and ending up on my chinstrap, I have every admiration for those undertaking the challenge in this heat.

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